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College Advisors

Each incoming student has a college advisor assigned to work with them – these assignments are made in August.   This faculty or staff member is called your college advisor – and not your academic advisor – for 2 reasons.  First, their advising role extends beyond academics to encompass helping you think about many aspects of your college career including class options each semester, your educational and personal goals, possible majors and careers, co-curricular opportunities that may interest you, and many other things.  The college advisor title also reflects the fact that many students sustain a relationship with their advisor across all four years at Duke, rather than ending when they declare their major and have a major advisor assigned.  Because your college advisor’s role is to advise you broadly, and not on a particular academic pathway, he/she may not have similar academic interests to yours.

Your Advising Network-Watch a video here

Your College Advisor

We match you with a college advisor in August, and you meet with her or him during orientation. The Student Center page in DukeHub lists the name and contact information for your college advisor.

You work with your college advisor until you join a department as an undergraduate major during your sophomore year.