Academic Resources and Support

Succeeding in classes requires strategic choices about connecting to Duke's community of support. The type of support you need will change depending on the class, where you are in life, other commitments, and what's going on at home or in your social life. There are offices and individuals at Duke who are invested in your academic success and well-being. Your college advisor and academic dean can help you sort through your options to make strategic choices that enhance the value of your Duke experience. 

When you're struggling with a course, the first person you should talk to is your professor. Visit her or his office hours to discuss how the class is going, how you're taking notes and studying for exams and particular concepts that perplex you. S/he will give you guidance and may recommend additional academic support. There are also some academic departments that provide discipline-specific sources of academic support on their individual websites, and offices like the ARC, that provide tutoring and learning consultations to help you study smarter.


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