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As a sophomore, you will deepen your connections to faculty and hone in on questions and problems to explore more deeply. You will continue and complete the process of discovery that leads to selecting a major and joining that department or program. The Majors Fair in October will bring all of your options together in one place, and you may seek information from a number of resources along the way. By March, you'll declare a major and celebrate this important academic milestone of your undergraduate career.

Academic Homecoming

Academic Homecoming 2014
Academic Homecoming 2014

To recognize the milestone of major declaration and officially welcome sophomores to their new academic homes, the Academic Advising Center, the Sophomore Class Council and Duke Student Government host Academic Homecoming: A Major Celebration. The event for the Class of 2016 was held Thursday, March 20, 2014 on the main quad on West Campus.

This new academic tradition, begun in 2013, provides sophomores the opportunity to celebrate their major declaration alongside their classmates and begin building relationships within their majors. Faculty and students from 50 majors in both Trinity and Pratt were on hand for the first edition of the event to personally welcome their new students. Deans from Duke, Trinity and Pratt also joined in the celebration.

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Sophomores pose for a class photo on the Duke Chapel steps. They receive T-shirts displaying their majors and buttons commemorating the event and their class year. Academic Homecoming is also generously supported by the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Pratt School of Engineering, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the Sophomore Year Experience.