Nyote Calixte, Ph.D.

Nyote Calixte, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Engagement, Natural and Quantitative Sciences

(919) 681-3155

My interests in science-based higher education began as a chemistry undergraduate student at Xavier University of Louisiana, where I became heavily involved science and mathematics peer-teaching and mentoring practices. My passion for teaching, mentorship, science advocacy/outreach and science education policy continued to grow throughout my doctoral studies at Louisiana State University, where I earned my Ph.D. in chemistry. I chose to pursue chemistry because of my genuine love of the discipline and research, and also to share the technical acumen I acquired with others through teaching and mentorship. As a previous research assistant at the UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Medicine/BME, I have had unique opportunities to hone and perfect the technical, teaching and mentorship skills necessary for successful advising and engagement of undergraduate students pursuing natural and quantitative science studies at Duke University. My 10 years as an educator and researcher with undergraduate, graduate and industrial experience in analytical chemistry and biomedical research allows me to effectively convey the importance of scientific research to one’s overall Duke experience.

As a previous science instructor at the postsecondary level, I have gained a firm understanding of the areas where undergraduate students need support in postsecondary science instruction to facilitate their success. I bring to Duke nearly six years of science teaching and mentorship experience with undergraduates, plus demonstrated expertise in teaching and mentoring pedagogy commensurate with two excellence-in-teaching awards. With this perspective, I can examine your circumstances within the framework of Duke policies and practices and guide you as develop your four-year academic plan.

As an African-American woman in STEM, I understand the breadth of underrepresentation in the science field. With this perspective, I would like to serve as proponent for all natural and quantitative science students by designing, implementing and sharing innovative ways to mentor and advise in the hopes to better equip all Duke science undergraduates for the future. I aim to contribute to a collaborative and enriching environment comprised of Duke educators and staff whose passion for science education and mentorship will further the support and success of all science students in the Duke community.