Dean photoAcademic Deans

Every Duke student has an academic dean. Academic deans support you by providing expert advice on university policy and helping you understand the requirements that structure undergraduate education in Trinity College.

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Your parents and your academic dean

We understand that your parents want what is best for you, and have questions and concerns of their own. The academic deans welcome calls and e-mails from parents who have questions about Trinity College policies and regulations, and we can refer them to others on campus as needed. Your advisor will refer all parent calls to your academic dean.

It is Duke policy for academic deans to notify parents whenever there is a change in a student’s academic status, such as being placed on academic probation or withdrawn from the university.

We view education not just as taking classes and labs—but also being active in student groups and clubs, attending lectures from visiting scholars, study abroad, as well as taking part in community service, service learning and hands-on research. These activities expose students to new ideas, new people and new challenges that help them figure out what they want to do in their careers, and more importantly, their lives.