Welcome, Class of 2021!

To the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Class of 2021:

On behalf of the advising community, I extend a warm welcome to Duke. From the moment you join us—even before you arrive on campus—our network of advisors welcomes you to Duke's community of scholars and facilitates a deepening engagement with academic life.

You will receive in the mail this summer the Class of 2021 Blue Book, which is available as a PDF download. Along with the information on this website, the “Learning at Duke” and “Registration” sections of the Blue Book will help you prepare to choose and register for your fall classes.

Beginning June 1 and throughout the summer, I hope you will call or email us for guidance as you choose your fall classes. For more information, visit our page on first-year summer advising. You will begin to build a relationship with your college advisor at two meetings during Orientation Welcome Week and will have access to other knowledgeable mentors throughout your time at Duke. I will be in touch every week during the semesters via our AAC Student News emails.

The advising community is large and diverse, and we look forward to meeting you and working with you throughout your time here. Again, welcome!


Dean David Rabiner

AAC Director and Trinity College Dean