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Director of Academic Engagement - Natural & Quantitative Sciences

Dr. Nyote Calixte consults with undergraduates of all class years as they seek ways to explore their scientific interests through courses, research and other opportunities.

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What the natural sciences DAE does

Sciences DAEDr. Calixte joined the Academic Advising Center in the Spring of 2015, bringing with her great experience as a scientific researcher and mentor. Her goal is to guide you as you create enriching and transformative experiences in the classroom, lab and beyond.

You can work with Dr. Calixte to find your fit in Duke’s scientific community. She will discuss with you options like majors, minors and certificates; research and other co-curricular opportunities; tutoring and career paths.

Interested in opportunities in the arts and humanities, social sciences, or global and civic opportunities? You can meet with a DAE who specializes in one of those areas.