Preprofessional Advisors

Students who anticipate attending professional school can seek guidance from our preprofessional advisors. Prehealth advisors guide you in selecting courses you will need for applying to health professions schools. Prelaw and prebusiness advisors can help you prepare for application to and life at graduate professional schools.

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Preprofessional Advising

More than a quarter of Duke graduates continue their educations in master’s, doctorate or professional degree programs. Of the more than 60 percent who get jobs straight out of college, many return to business schools a few years later for the additional credential of an M.B.A. Duke offers an array of advising services for students for whom a bachelor’s degree is not the last stop on their educational journeys.

There are many paths to professional schools in law, health and business, and even where specific course requirements exist (as in the health professions), course sequences and combinations can and should be tailored for each student. Trinity College offers specialized advising for students considering careers in the health professions, in law and in business/management. Preprofessional advisors counsel students in these areas as needed, assisting them in applying to programs and providing information on career opportunities and the requirements for advanced study.