Prelaw Advising

Law School Application Timetable

Last updated: September 12, 2016

ABA approved Law Schools

Planning Timetable


  1. Get latest law school information from Pre-Law Advising Center, 04 Allen and attend a prelaw seminar.
  2. Sign up for October Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) by September. Late Registration dates can be found at:
  3. Sign up for LSDAS as per the instructions found at
  4. Download and complete the Prelaw Information Sheet. Email it to the Pre-Law Office (
  5. Make an appointment to talk with the Pre-Law Advisor, Dean Wilson. Before seeing him, prepare a tentative list of law schools you are considering.
  6. Secure application materials (including financial aid applications if necessary). Please visit the Law School Admissions Council website at: for information about electronic applications.
  7. Take the LSAT if you have not already done so.
  8. Make appointments to see law school recruiters as appropriate. Check the Events Page of this pre-law site, your email, and advertising in 04 Allen for recruiting dates. Appointments may be scheduled in 04 Allen Building.
  9. After receiving your application forms, write your basic essay or essays. If you wish, Dean Wilson will read these essays and make suggestions. You do not need to make an appointment. Leave the essays with Dean Wilson's staff. Dean Wilson will read these overnight and you can pick it up the next day.


  1. Give out recommendation forms to professors and Dean Wilson. You are strongly advised to use the Law School letter of recommendations service for all recommendations, except Dean Wilson’s. These are sent directly to the law schools.
  2. Get applications in. Turn in stamped envelopes addressed to your law schools to Dean Wilson’s office. If you are applying to any school for early action/early decision make sure that you make this clear to Dean Wilson's staff
  3. After you receive your LSAT score (if taken in the fall) check briefly with Dean Wilson for additional suggestions, if necessary.


  1. Finish up applications.
  2. If you are applying for financial aid, use the FAFSA form  online and fill it out. Keep a printed copy for your records.


  1. Either with a letter, or a phone call, or online, monitor your files at every law school to which you have applied making sure all items, LSDAS reports, recommendations, etc. are in and your file is complete. If any item is not in, contact the appropriate agency/person. If you applied using the LSAC online account then you may check your file status online. Some law schools also have online file checking available.


  1. Wait
  2. When you have been accepted to a school that you wish to attend, notify other schools in writing that have accepted you that you will not be attending.
  3. If there are problems or questions, or if you are waitlisted at your first choice school, see Dean Wilson.


  1. Pay deposit to school you will be attending, or if you are on the wait list at your first choice school, make sure you have placed a deposit to hold your seat at your “second choice” school.
  2. Order a final transcript from the Registrar's Office (showing graduation date) to be sent to the law school you will attend.


Feel free to contact us with waitlisting/decision questions.