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Jules Odendahl-JamesDirector of Academic Engagement - Arts & Humanities

Dr. Jules Odendahl-James is an expert advisor in humanities research, course work and outlets for artistic expression. She works with students of all majors and class years.

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The humanities give you an



Experience in an array of reading, writing, and research practices: archival, ethnographic field work, artistic creation, cultural analysis, abstract reasoning, rhetorical argument, modes of multi-media communication/making, comparative study, linguistic immersion, theoretical conceptualization, physical experimentation, literary critique, digital design and implementation, collaborative inquiry, data analysis, to historical preservation


Direction from coursework and faculty mentors to organize your own diverse interests into a coherent but complex plan of study that can be in-depth or interdisciplinary


Growth, intellectually and personally, as a result of a diverse range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities


Empathy as a central mode of inquiry, one that allows you to connect and communicate your understanding of a broad range of texts and experiences in a rigorous and meaningful way

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