Academic HomecomingSophomore Year

As a sophomore, you will deepen your connections to faculty and hone in on questions and problems to explore more deeply. You will continue and complete the process of discovery that leads to selecting a major and joining that department or program. The Majors Fair in October will bring all of your options together in one place, and you may seek information from a number of resources along the way. By March, you'll declare a major and celebrate this important academic milestone of your undergraduate career.

Academic engagement

Throughout your time at Duke, our directors of academic engagement are here to advise you on how to incorporate global and civic engagement opportunities into your academic plan. The possibilities include traditional courses, research, service learning, interdisciplinary coursework through Bass Connections and off-campus opportunities domestically and abroad.

If you haven’t already, your sophomore year is a great time to schedule an initial appointment to talk to a DAE and plan how to maintain cross-cultural, civic and global inquiry as a focus of your undergraduate academic career. If you have already met with a DAE, you can come back to reflect on your engagement experiences so far and adjust your plan build on an experience or explore a new academic interest.

Winter Forum at the Duke Marine Lab