Academic Advising CenterWhat We Do

Until you join a department as an undergraduate major, the Academic Advising Center is your primary academic home in Trinity College. Via the AAC, students work with a collaborative network of advisors: the AAC director, college advisors, directors of academic engagement, academic deans and peer advisors. Working together, these advisors guide you as you discover the multiple curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Duke, and they mentor you toward full participation in Duke’s intellectual community.

What We Do

The Academic Advising Center is a group of people committed to:

  • Encouraging students to engage continually in a process of reflection and self-assessment
  • Guiding students through the integration of curricular, cocurricular and personal choices into a meaningful life script

We do this by:

  • Teaching students about the structure and rationale of a Duke liberal arts education, as well as the application of that education to their own intellectual paths
  • Fostering meaningful early engagement with faculty and other intellectual mentors in the Duke community
  • Providing accessible academic guidance and consultation for first- and second-year students, and to juniors and seniors as appropriate
  • Monitoring the academic progress of individual students and providing meaningful, change-oriented interventions as appropriate

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