Dean photoAcademic Deans

Every Duke student has an academic dean. Academic deans support you by providing expert advice on university policy and helping you understand the requirements that structure undergraduate education in Trinity College.

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Meeting with your academic dean

It is a good idea to meet your dean at least once in your first year, just to get to know her or him. You might even meet your dean in a different context: as a course instructor, prehealth advisor, graduate business school advisor or in some other capacity at Duke.

If you are experiencing academic difficulties, you should see your dean early so that s/he can offer you as many options as possible. Your dean may contact you and ask you to come in for a meeting. It is in your best interest to respond to communications from your dean and to make an appointment if requested. Your dean is in the best position to help you deal effectively with circumstances that are affecting your academic experience at Duke.

You can email, phone or schedule an appointment with your dean whenever you need to. Email works well for quick or immediate questions. All deans have times open for student appointments, so contact the staff assistant in your dean's office and explain that you'd like to meet with your dean and the staff assistant will set it up. 

Residence Hall Academic Dean
Alspaugh House

Donna Kostyu
116 Academic Advising Center
(919) 684-9284

Bassett House

Epworth (first-year students)

Jeff Forbes
011F Allen Building

Blackwell House

Rachael Murphey-Brown
114 A Academic Advising Center

Bell Tower House

Brown House (seniors)

Shane Goodridge
011 Allen Building

Brown House (sophomore and juniors)

Gilbert Addoms (first-year students and seniors)

Minna Ng
011E Allen Building

East House

Brown House (seniors)

David Rabiner
113 Academic Advising Center
(919) 684-6217

Brown (first-year students)

Epworth House (juniors and seniors)

Gilbert Addoms (sophomores and juniors)

Karen Murphy
011H Allen Building
(919) 660-5785

Brown House (sophomores and juniors)

Gilbert-Addoms House (first-year students and seniors)

Minna Ng
011E Allen Building


Brown House (seniors)

Giles House

Gerald Wilson
04 Allen Building
(919) 684-2865

Jarvis House (sophomores, juniors and seniors)

Wilson House

Sabrina Thomas
011 Allen Building
(919) 684-2130

Pegram House

Brown House (seniors)

John Blackshear
117 Academic Advising Center
(919) 684-6217

Brown House (seniors)

Randolph House

Milton Blackmon
119 Academic Adv Ctr
(919) 684-6217

Southgate House

Alyssa Perz
118 Academic Advising Center
(919) 684-6217