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Directors of Academic Engagement - Global & Civic Opportunities

Global/civic DAEs work with you—whether you’re a Trinity or Pratt student—to explore opportunities in global experiences, civic engagement and interdisciplinary research.          

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Fitting it in

One of the trickiest parts of participating in global and civic engagement opportunities is finding time in your already-packed slate of courses and activities. An away-from-Duke program can require careful scheduling of your classes, and a local experience can compete for time with your co-curricular activities, homework, etc. But with four years and three summers to work with (and don’t forget fall and spring breaks), even the busiest students can fit in meaningful global and civic work.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We’ll work with you to think creatively about your individualized plan. Make an appointment.

Studying abroad when you're prehealth

The trickiest part of spending a semester abroad is your prehealth coursework—it has to be done in the United States. Meet with your prehealth advisor to make sure you understand all the prehealth requirements and health professions school application timelines. Then, meet with a DAE to discuss your study abroad options—when to go, which programs will fit your other academic interests, etc.

Studying abroad as an engineer

Information from the Pratt School of Engineering:

Please note, the Approved Course Database merely gives you classes that Duke students have taken abroad in the past. It does not tell you if a program offers other appropriate classes, and it does not guarantee that a course will be offered again in the semester you're planning to go. Meet with a DAE to ensure you're considering all your options.