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Directors of Academic Engagement - Global & Civic Opportunities

Global/civic DAEs work with you—whether you’re a Trinity or Pratt student—to explore opportunities in global experiences, civic engagement and interdisciplinary research.          

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What a global/civic DAE does

Opportunities for global and civic engagement at Duke—whether through formal programs such as Global Education (aka study abroad) Bass Connections and DukeEngage, through the curriculum, through service or through student organizations—are numerous and varied. DAEs enhance the role of academic advisors by serving as specialists in civic and global engagement. A DAE will guide you as you explore the options before you and plan for participation in your chosen activities.

Global/civic DAEsAny Duke undergraduate can elect to meet with a DAE at any point during her/his four years at Duke. Most students begin working with a DAE during their first year or early in their sophomore year, but we also encourage juniors and seniors to schedule a DAE meeting.

You are not assigned a specific DAE but can request one based on their personal background (bios), or you can request "first available." DAEs can meet with you many times during your Duke career to advise you as you reflect on previous experiences and your interests evolve and deepen.

Interested in opportunities in the arts and humanities, social sciences, or natural and quantitative sciences? You can meet with a DAE who specializes in one of those areas.