Academic HomecomingSophomore Year

As a sophomore, you will deepen your connections to faculty and hone in on questions and problems to explore more deeply. You will continue and complete the process of discovery that leads to selecting a major and joining that department or program. The Majors Fair in October will bring all of your options together in one place, and you may seek information from a number of resources along the way. By March, you'll declare a major and celebrate this important academic milestone of your undergraduate career.

Choosing a major

Choosing a major is an important milestone in your undergraduate career, so before making a decision you should give yourself enough time to learn about Duke’s major offerings and consider how different majors complement your strengths, interests and plans for the future.

Some sources of information:

With knowledge of your academic interests and course history, your advisor can be a good sounding board as you consider majors that appeal to you and evaluate which courses are helping you grow intellectually and become engaged in a discipline or subject area that could eventually become your major. She or he is knowledgeable about general curriculum requirements and can refer you to other resources that can help you understand specific requirements for majors, minors and certificate programs.

Each October, the Academic Advising Center welcomes departments and programs from across the university to its AAC Majors Fair. There, you can meet and ask questions to representatives from majors, minors and certificate programs.

Individual majors, minors and certificates list course requirements and provide detailed overviews of policies, advising and opportunities on their undergraduate websites. Many departments and programs also provide major and minor worksheets that can be downloaded and printed and used by students as they plan course work. Departments’ directors of undergraduate studies oversee in-major advising and are available to field your questions. Keep an eye on department websites, the University events calendar, ads in The Chronicle and posted flyers for information sessions regarding particular programs.

You can learn a great deal about different majors and undergraduate programs from juniors and seniors, including the AAC Peer Advisors. We encourage you to ask current majors about their experiences, particularly with respect to advising, independent study, faculty-mentored research and integrating their major course work with study abroad.

Many students find the resources available at the Career Center extremely helpful as they explore majors, particularly in informing them how different Duke majors could relate to future careers and professional goals. The Career Center offers counseling and other resources on choosing a major with a career path in mind.