Academic Advising at Duke

The Academic Advising Center is the primary academic home for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences students until they choose their majors, and we work with Duke students from Trinity and the Pratt School of Engineering throughout their four years to seek further academic engagement with their areas of interest.

Their Duke Paths

AAC Student News: Winding Down

The April 14 edition of AAC Student News is now available. Topics covered include drop/add, course evaluations, alumni profiles and an AAC Student News reader survey.... more

DukeJourneys with Balduin Hesse

DukeJourneys: Balduin Hesse Thinks Globally

Balduin Hesse ’00, CEO, president and founder of Frontier Renewables LLC, returned to campus for a DukeJourneys and... more

Dr. Jules Odendahl-James

Letter to the Editor: Value of the Humanities

Dr. Jules Odendahl-James, Duke's director of academic engagement for the humanities, recently wrote a letter to the editor of The Chronicle, Duke's student newspaper, in... more

Students view Duke from above on an AAC Peer Advising chapel climb.

Peer Advisors Lead Chapel Climbs

The AAC Peer Advisors led groups of first-year students on climbs up the spiral staircase to the top of Duke Chapel last month. These photos document the view from above,... more


Your Advising Network

A group of advisors works together to guide you in the discovery of – and engagement with – all the curricular and co-curricular opportunities that Duke offers.

Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor is the first intellectual mentor you meet after arriving for orientation, and you meet with her or him every semester until you join a major in your sophomore year. Advisors are dedicated faculty and administrators, each of whom is prepared to help you weigh your curricular and co-curricular choices and connect you to faculty who can guide you further. Read More »

Academic Deans

Academic deans support your academic progress by helping you interpret the policies and requirements that structure undergraduate education in Trinity College. They will keep you informed about course enrollment, academic deadlines and other important issues every semester. If you have questions about your academic goals or need help finding resources, an academic dean is ready to help. Read More »

AAC Peer Advisors

Each year, 12-15 juniors and seniors volunteer to serve as peer advisors to first- and second-year students, offering the perspective of someone who has been before where you are now. Peer advisors can share with you how they formed meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty, assist you in navigating online registration and help you learn how to distinguish what is merely popular from what is individually meaningful to you. Read More »

Directors of Academic Engagement

The directors of academic engagement lead Duke’s Global Advising initiative. Through an iterative consultative process that spans the full four years, DAEs work with you—whether you’re a Trinity or Pratt student—to forge connections among your coursework, global experiences and civic engagement. Read More »

Preprofessional Advisors

Students who anticipate attending professional school after college can seek guidance from Trinity’s preprofessional advising teams. Prehealth advisors guide you as you integrate into your class scheduling the courses you will need for applying to health professions schools. Prelaw and Graduate Business School advisors are also available to help you prepare for application to and life at graduate professional schools. Read More »

Advising Partners

The Academic Advising Center strengthens its network of advising support through partnerships with other campus offices and faculty. Whether you need guidance in a specific area or would like to get in touch with a representative of a particular department or program, Duke offers a wealth of resources to provide the advice you need. Read More »

Major Advisors

After choosing a major, you will work with a faculty advisor in your major department or program. In addition to helping you plan a course program to satisfy major requirements, faculty advisors often facilitate independent study and research within the major and advise on graduate school and other post-baccalaureate opportunities. Read More »

Explore Your Interests

Directors of academic engagement meet with you one-on-one to identify and discuss opportunities for academic exploration beyond the traditional classroom, specializing in three areas:


Your Peer Advisors

Peer advisors work closely with the AAC. They are available for one-on-one consultation, host office hours around registration and are involved in the planning of events such as the Chapel Climb and Academic Homecoming.

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Your Duke Path

Duke offers an unparalleled diversity of academic options in the classroom, across campus, in Durham and around the world. Your time here is not about simply checking off requirements and building a long list of credentials. You can choose opportunities that inspire you and integrate them into your academic plan.



Their Duke Paths

Their stories are different, but each one of these Duke graduates achieved the same result: a successful, rewarding undergraduate academic experience.